Achieving “Human” Immortality By 2045?!

THIS got some major attention in the NYT as well when some of the smartest people in the world attended a major conference last weekend in New York City on how to achieve immortality!

We’ve now officially entered a whole new era where the human mind and consciousness are going to be blended in with computing and avatars.  Fifty years ago they said we would never successfully transplant organs. Never say never!

But the author of the article I cited first (above) raises at least one very important question in his own commentary.

I would like to have seen some ethicists in attendance  (I didn’t see any on the list of presenters that I scanned) to raise some other questions in that conference, because – at least in my mind –  some serious ethical and theological issues are now coming to the fore.

What does it mean to be human?  What comprises personality and “soul?” (Does this represent a modern day “Tower of Babel” where we are trying to control too much?)

Well, dear reader, what sorts of issues and questions does all this prompt in you? Feel free to leave a comment below, or some other place where I have posted a link to this column.

-Clair in Canberra


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